In My Tasks v2 List view, provide expand/collapse twisties for tasks with subtasks

In the new My Tasks v2 as of around April 2021, I was expecting to see expand collapse twisties next to tasks that have subtasks, just like is done for all other projects in List view, but none are there.

This is a really key feature to enable working with an extra level of subtask information (because the right Task Detail pane can now show either the parent or first subtask child). It’s particularly important not to lose this functionality in the one project (My Tasks) many probably work in the most.



@lpb, I’ve responded to you on the parent thead and will share your feedback with our team. If the subtask is assigned to the same person, I think this would work, but in the event it is assigned to someone else, I would find it confusing to have it in “My Tasks”. This might be why this project feature hasn’t been implemented in My Tasks. Let’s see what other folks think and if this is something our team can consider - @Emily_Roman, @Rebecca_McGrath or I will keep you posted here as soon as we have an update!


Thanks very much, @Marie, for this reply and on the other thread.

While I understand your point, I don’t feel there’s any greater confusion to supply the expand/collapse twisty.

Right now if you open the task detail pane in My Tasks you’ll see subtasks assigned to others, and certainly there’s no call to hide those.

And from a different perspective, when you’re in a regular Project List View (not My Tasks) and you click the expand/collapse for a task you’ll see subtasks–these subtasks have no membership to the project itself (only the parent task does) yet they’re shown in the main Task Lists pane as indented subtasks. That is exactly a corollary to my request for the same in My Tasks.

Making it easy to see the details of a task is expected to reveal contents that wouldn’t normally be found in the main tasks list view; in fact, that’s the whole point of looking within the task–because you want to see the contents of the task.

It’s an incredibly useful feature to have this in Project LIst View. Why would it not be the same in My Tasks where many end up spending even more time?



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