Allow to automatically add subtasks to project


You have to re-add the subtask to the original parent? The parent automatically picks up its Project. Are you saying entire Project disappears, Task didappears or subtask of task disappears? And what shows up in new multihomed Project? I think a little more detail may help Community determine if support issue or something else. Thanks



I’ve verified the behavior @Brooker is describing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a task named Task 1 as a task in Project A.
  2. Add a task named Task 2 as a task in Project B.
  3. In the detail pane for Task 1, select Move Task > Make a subtask of… Select Task 2 from the dropdown list.

Brooker’s desired behavior:
That Task 1 becomes a subtask of Task 2, but it also retains its association with Project A.

Actual behavior:
Task 1’s association with Project A is removed. You can verify this happening by looking at the activity history for Task 1; it shows “[user name] removed from Project A”.

@Brooker, this actual behavior makes sense given the design of Asana and the fact that this menu option specifically says “Move Task”. What you would need to accommodate your desired behavior is an “Add Task” option - i.e. don’t move it out of its current location but rather keep it there and also add it to a new location.

If you want this as an enhancement request, I recommend you start a new post in the Product Feedback section. You are correct that it’s a wholly different request than the one being discussed in this thread.

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Is there any news regarding this feature? we have many sub-task that gets lost because they are not associated to any project. It’s very difficult and time consuming to always go over all the sub-task and making sure that they are assigned to a project. Automatic project inheritance from task to sub-task is a very important feature for us.



We get so many complaints from our users/project team when they get assigned a subtask as they cannot see what project it relates to. This is the same with the Asana APP as well. Very frustrating for users on the go and demotivating as they cannot comment or complete tasks.

We have a standard template that we use for every project - is there anyway of linking the subtasks to the parent task before we assign the subtasks out?

Please help!
Thank you