Subtask robustness & particularly due dates

I’m trying out Asana for the first time, and I’m running into some confusion regarding subtasks. My biggest concern is that subtasks with due dates don’t seem to show up when filtering the list by due date, or on dashboard elements that filter by due date, or in the timeline view. As a result, it seems like subtasks could very easily “fall through the cracks”, despite being due or overdue.

Related subtask concerns:

  • Tasks don’t inherit due dates from subtasks
  • Tasks aren’t marked done when their subtasks are done
  • Tasks can’t be bulk-moved to subtasks
  • Subtasks can’t be bulk moved between tasks
  • Subtasks don’t appear to have any “Rules” automation, limiting my ability to self-solve some of these issues

Am I missing something obvious?

I have sadly discovered that by manually adding the project to the subtasks, they do show up on the timeline (and calendar), but this still doesn’t show them on “My Tasks” under “Today”, “Upcoming”, or “Later” or in Portfolios (in any capacity).

In fact, the only place subtasks seem to show up based on due date is at the top of “Home” under “Tasks Due Soon” - but only if they are assigned to you, not others.

Hi @jtacquia, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

We have a couple of threads related to this topic, I suggest you joining the conversation around subtasks and upvoting for these features in these threads:

I hope this helps!