Add additional option for Due Date: Start and End Date

I think one limitation of Asana is that it is not able to plot into its calendar events/trainings that span for days (e.g. example an event will take place on June 2, 2017 until June 7, 2017). Due date is limited to a single date only. May I suggest that the team take into consideration, adding or enhancing this feature in Asana. It would really be of great help for the organizations using Asana as their primary task management tool to track schedules and team members’ whereabouts. I hope to get a feedback from your team. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


HI Marise,

until Asana has implemented this, I recommend you try the addon which has this feature you are requesting :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this, @Sebastian_Paasch! By the way, for the meantime, what I did is I tried putting due dates in subtasks, but it still would not show up on the calendar. Would you know how to go about this situation? Thank you!

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My understanding is that subtasks of a project task are not actually assigned to the project itself. If you go into the specific subtask you can add that subtask to the project (Tab+P) and it should show on the calendar.

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@Marise_Catud, in addition to @Geoff_Manning’s strategy of adding subtasks to the Project, you can run an Advanced Search for All Tasks and Subtasks in the Project and view that on a Calendar (and then Star that view to save it, if it’s a calendar you access often). It won’t be the baked-in calendar you access from the Calendar tab, but preserves your List View and nesting of Tasks and subtasks. Either one works!


Hello, thank you @Sara! But I believe advanced search is a feature exclusive only for upgraded accounts? What I’m using at the moment is the free version. Trying to go about its feature:)

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Topic closed. Please refer to this thread for more information on Start Date: Start date and estimated hours