Help on how see (On "My tasks") the Project where my subtask is nested (without adding the subtask to the project)

Hi there, I’m struggling with the following:

The way my organization works is like this example:

Project: Website Client ABC
Main Task:
Hero image (assigned to Colleague X)

  • Choose imagery (assigned to me)
  • Fix logo (assigned to me)
  • etc.

Now my problem is:

When I go to “My tasks” obviously I see the 2 subtasks that I’m assigned and then in grey the main task where it belongs to, it looks like this:

Choose imagery < Hero image

BUT: the “Project” column is empty. So I don’t know what client it refers to.

I am NOT ALLOWED to add this subtasks as Projects (because then every tiny subtask would show in the project and the PM doesn’t want that.
So: how can I fix it, how can I make the client appear on My tasks, without adding the tasks to the project.

Thank you!!

Short answer: you can’t.

Long answer: you should negotiate with your PM and multi-home subtasks into the project, into a specific section at the bottom for example :slight_smile: