How do I get sub-tasks to show the project it's for?

I understand that sub-tasks don’t automatically inherit the parent project, and that when someone looks in their “my tasks” view, the sub-tasks are listed without indicating which projects they belong to. This is completely unhelpful as we have numerous subtasks that are assigned out, but the assignee has no idea which project they belong to. The notification e-mail they receive doesn’t specify a project either.

I read that we could add it to the project within the details of the sub-task, but when I do that, it duplicates the sub-task in the same section.

Is there something I’m missing about sub-tasks? How do we get these to be useful?


If you’re using Rules to create the subtasks, you can add the name of the task to the Subtask name automatically.

my sub-tasks are set up as part of our template. each project is set up with the same template & subtasks, so we don’t use rules for them.

Hello @Chantelle_Drury,

I am afraid this is how it works at the moment.

Now one thing you could do is the following:

In the main project when you add the subtasks to the project itself just move them to a separate section. You can move this section to the very end and keep it collapsed.

Also here is an existing feedback request thread about this topic:

Thank you. I have voted for the functionality and will implement the work around you suggested.

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