Make subtasks inherit project(s) from parent tasks and adjust subtask visibility

Subtasks don’t make any sense to me.

When they are added to a task, they are not considered to be in the parent task project.

Subtasks can be added to projects using [tab]+[p], but then they appear both as a task and a subtask.

When looking at subtask in my tasks, one can’t see what the relevant project is, since it doesn’t seem to live outside a project. This is a frequent request and feedback from our users, since the parent task project is the context needed to see what context this subtask belongs to. When working with templates, tasks and subtasks have the same name, and having to go open them individually to determine which project they belong to is a hassle.

When I run a rule to be triggered when tasks are added to a project, and I select “Rule runs on tasks and subtasks”, the rule doesn’t run on subtasks because it’s technically not part of the project. This is explained to me as 'intended behaviour`.

The overallfeeling I get is “it works this way because we programmed it this way”. What I think we should move towards is “this behaviour is intuitive for the users”

The solution that makes the most sense to me would be:

  • Subtasks inherit project(s) from parent tasks
  • Subtasks that live in the same project as the parent task should not be visible, at least not by default.

I’d be curious to hear if anyone thinks the current behaviour does make sense.

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