Rules applied to sub-tasks

Can rules be applied to sub-tasks?
I created a rule to mark a task complete anytime it was moved to the column Deployed. Unfortunately all the sub-tasks were not impacted and still show as not being complete.

Hi @gyonke,

It’s not so much whether rules can be applied to subtasks per se. Rather, you have to remember that rules are strictly project-based, and by default subtasks do not belong to their top-level parent task’s project; thus rules are not in play for those subtasks.

You can manually assign a subtask to a project, and then that project’s rules will be in play for that subtask. (But assigning a subtask to a project has its own set of disadvantages; you have to weigh the trade-offs.)

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The sub-tasks are under a task of the project and the sub-tasks are in the export file of the project. It never dawned on me that the sub-task was not tied to the project. Looking at the file closer I can see that the “Projects” field is blank.

It is very interesting that a sub-task doesn’t inherit the project from it’s task. Seems rather odd but I must believe there is a reason.

I know, it’s odd.

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