Rules working both Tasks and Subtasks

We want the feature of applying rules on both tasks and subtasks to work correctly. Now when we select an option to use the rule for Tasks and Subtasks - the rule works only for tasks.

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Hey @Xenia_Cubrac,

I actually experienced this today as well with the trigger „task added to project“ and I think this works like it should actually because technically the subtask is not considered part of the project, unless you add it to the project also.
Because for other triggers rules run fine for me for subtasks too.


Completely agree, all the other rules work perfectly. the thing is that the possibility to create this rule creates a visual illusion that all gone to be working afterwards. So from my side, it is quite confusing @Nao_Kumazaki @Marie

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Subtask should be automatically associated to the project plus these no way to actually assign a subtask to a project, this feature does nothing