Subtask rule not working

I can not get these to work i have removed and re added and still not luck

Hi @Josie_Attard,

I moved your post to a new thread since the other thread was closed/resolved.

Can you post a screenshot of the rule that’s not working and some additional details about what’s not working? Thanks!

Sure. i want it to assign me/creator of tasks as the assignee to the subtask, it works only on Tasks

Right. In Asana, subtasks are not actually attached/assigned to the project; so you can’t use “Task is added to this project” rule triggers on them. For your subtasks, you’ll have to use a different trigger.

You can vote for a change in this behavior here: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

(I’ve moved this thread from the Report a Bug forum section since it’s working as per Asana’s current design.)

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But that’s in contradiction to what the rule in the top right corner indicates so why say that? what’s the actual point of it?

Almost all of the other triggers do work with subtasks and provide value. But I agree it is somewhat confusing that the “added to project” trigger doesn’t, and there’s no UX to warn you of that.

For a similar discussion and another answer to your question, see Logic of rule setting 'rule runs on tasks and subtasks'?

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