Logic of rule setting 'rule runs on tasks and subtasks'?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: This setting seems pointless if you have to add the subtask to the project’s section (as opposed to being the subtask of the parent task in the rule section). I say this because before you added this setting that’s exactly how I got rules to work on subtasks. So what’s the point of this setting? I’ve looked at your support pages and it doesn’t describe it in detail. What is the logic? What are some examples of how you would use it so I can better understand. Unfortunately I reached out to support but I feel we’re going in circles to explain this better.

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I am having difficulty replicating your issue, but there are no screen shots included in your post so I may be misunderstanding you issue.

To test this I created a simple rule: When the due date of a task changes, change the assignee.

When I change the due date of the parent task in my project it changes the assignee. When I change the due date of a subtask in the project it changes the assignee.

Have you updated the rule setting to runs on tasks and subtasks?

Hi Christine,

Is the subtask ADDED to the project? If so, could you do me a favor and TURN OFF the ‘runs on task and subtasks’. And then try triggering your rule again… my hunch is as long your subtask is added to the project section that the rule is active - then the rule will work on your subtask - regardless of the setting.

Again, prompting me to ask… what’s the point of this setting?


If the subtask is added to the project and this setting is off, yes, the rules will still trigger on this task. Once a subtask is added to a section of a project it gains the properties of a parent task, similarly to multi-homing tasks in projects the rules of all projects will apply to that task.

The point of this setting is for users who are not wanting to multi-home their subtasks in their parent project, but want their subtasks to have rules apply & update when they meet certain criteria as well.

For example, I would like a Project Manager to be alerted every time a task is overdue (parent tasks & subtasks). Previously, I could only do this if the subtask was added to the project, creating a lot of additional work to set up the project just to get a rule to trigger.


I’ve moved this thread out of Bugs for the moment unless it can be determined to be so.


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