mulitihoming subtask

Hello! I am having trouble using a rule on a subtask. I have the rule set to run on task and subtask, but it is not moving. It is set to- If it is in a section, and is assigned to a certain person, and not blocked (it has dependencies) to add to another project. But its not moving the parent task. Looking for other ways people are adding subtasks to other projects?

Hello @Kristen_Remick,

based on your topic title do you want to multihome subtasks via rule?
Because Subtasks are not considered as part of a project so if the rule condition is based on a section this won‘t work as the subtask is not in this section, only the parent task.

Is this what you were asking?

Ah, that does help. So I would need to find a condition inside the task itself (so maybe when the subtask above it is completed) to multihome the parent task to another project. I was trying to use the section as the condition. I understand why it wasnt working!

Yes correct. For example the condition could be that once the due date of the parent task is xx and assigned to xxx then move the task to xxx.
This will move the parent task with the subtasks (now keep in mind though the subtask still won’t be considered as part of the project unless you add it to the project itself as well).
What you can do though via rules is create subtasks and the subtasks can be added to a project.

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