How to categorise tasks from one project as subtasks in another?

I added tasks from one project into another project (so that they show up in both), but I am unable to add these tasks as subtasks to a task within a section, if that makes sense?

Basically, in the project that I have added the tasks to, I have a section called “Current projects” which lists multiple projects as tasks. Each one has subtasks related to each project.

I have added tasks from one project into this new one and I want to add them as subtasks to one of the project in the “Current projects” section, but I am unable to drag and drop the tasks to be under the correct section, it just adds them as general tasks to the “Current projects” section itself.

Is it possible to do this?

@Emily_Rockwood I believe this is the case because if you were to move a task from a project to become a “subtask of” then it isn’t technically multihomed to that project any longer. Subtasks are only indirectly associated with a project. Now, I believe you can do this but only if the task is a parent task in one project and a subtasks in another. Essentially, a subtask can only be a subtask in one place (it’s home base). That subtask can be muktihomed to 20 other projects however (just at the root level, in and out of a section. Let me see if I can prepare a quick screencast to demonstrate.


@Emily_Rockwood - Sorry if I do a poor job of explaining this but hopefully this screencast helps demonstrate what I mean -


@Jerod_Hillard Thank you so much, you explained it perfectly!

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