Rules - adding new subtask to parent task, when another subtask is completed

I have the following case:

  • I have task ‘A’ with one subtask ‘subtask 1’. I want to added new subtask to task ‘A’, when ‘subtask 1’ is completed.
    I created the rule: “When task is completed, create subtask” with the option to tun it on both tasks and subtasks. When I mark ‘subtask 1’ completed, rule is executed and new subtask is added to the ‘subtask 1’ that is already completed.
    I changed the rule as follow: “When task is completed, create task”, but in this case when I mark ‘subtask 1’ completed, rule is executed and new task is added to the project.

I see great opportunity in the rule "when subtask is completed, add another subtask to parent task. Please vote if this change would be valuable for you too or let me know how you address this kind of behaviour. Thank you!

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Hi Anna,

Might not work but depending on your workflow could you use the ‘add subtask’ at certain section rule instead?

Do you mean the following scenario:

  1. Mark the subtask 1 completed
  2. Move the task A to other section
  3. Create the rule: when task moved to this section, add subtask?
    If yes, I treat is as workaround. There is additional step that needs to be done.

Yep - it would indeed be a workaround but was just hoping it would help.

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