Tree view for task and subtasks

Big thumbs up on this. Frankly this is needed in the worst way.

We need tree view for subtasks! :slight_smile:

Yes please add a tree view, it would make Asana so much friendlier to use. (if not node view :slight_smile: )

My god, how is this not a thing that’s been implemented yet? It’s been two years since this idea was introduced, and I can’t believe it isn’t a feature. Extremely needed – heck, just make something that will render a tree view, so we can at least see our tasks like that!
Asana, please get on with this, or let us know if it’s something you’re working on right now.

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Working with Subtasks in its current state is aggravating. Seeing all tasks, including subtasks, in the list view would make this a a lot times better.

FYI I plan to build a Windows and Mac Asana client that’s outline-based; see information on Treesana here.

A prototype exists and some necessary architectural work has been done. At the moment Treesana is on hold while I focus on my Flowsana integration, but I intend to return to it when possible.