Ability to work on all levels of subtask from List view

Any news on this?
I’ve used ClickUp in the past and it has this feature. Not just for the list view but for all others (calendar, Gantt, timeline, mind maps). We’re currently testing Asana but with the first post in this thread being from back in 2020 is not very reassuring.
Definitely a key feature!

Hi @Natalia,

I’m adding my wish for ability to see more than one level of subtask in project list, as demonstrate @Alex_Mueller

“Jira Structure” mentioned by @Mabs_Okusaga would be perfect.

Idem on my side !

This is a really needed feature.

Any plan to implement this feature? Much needed since it is difficult to determine or track back to the parent task when the sub task is 6 level down

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I this feature still available? I’m new to Asana and wanted to be able to view Subtasks as a drop down of the main task from the list view just like this, but can’t seem to get to them any way other than clicking into them individually.

@Andrea_Mayer @Natalia

Folks… I’m not sure how much more evidence you need that this feature is desperately needed. I was directed to this page after posting the request myself. I’ve become very disheartened by the fact that this thread is now four years old with dozens of commenters begging for you to implement this.

This is a deal killer for me. It shows that Asana development team is either incapable of adding this function, or leadership is unwilling. I’m on a trial membership for my company of hundreds that we’re ready to bring over. I’ve loved everything about your platform so far. But this is not a “nice to have” feature, this is a requirement.

What a shame.


Guys, there is no way to do project planning in Asana without having this feature available to drill down to the last level of subtask. Please guide me if there is one and I am happy to adopt it.

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Sorry, there’s isn’t one - only the first level of subtasks is displayed in list view, no option to alter that.

Hello everyone,

I can only agree with many of theses posts here from many people: a drill-down tree-view on all levels of subtasks is something absolutely necessary for people working with a structured mind and for keeping the overview to see in which sub-sub-sub-sub-tasks there’s currently work going on.

My Team and I, we are happy subscribers to asana for more than 5 years, but our test account with Quire is alredy running, and we are quite happy with the way this particular feature is implemented there.
Due to the fact that we have lost the overview, what and where we are curreently working on (due to the lack of such a tree-view feature), we are considering taking on all the hassle to migrate to another system, other than asana. - Although we don’t want to.

Question to the asana-Team:
What is the reason why you haven’t implemented this yet?
Lack of awareness?

Thanks for explaining!


Being able to break down work in depth and in a logical manner is fundamental to project management. Dispite all the other amazing features of Asana we are probubly not going to go with this product because of this missing feature.

I’ve been using Asana for almost 2 years and it’s been going well for us.

But the good news is that our business has grown and we ran into an organizational problem, which is that we cannot have a deep view of the subtasks here in Asana.

We have looked for many ways to reorganize ourselves based on this limitation of Asana but what causes it is more confusion in the team.

We like Asana, but this issue makes us consider leaving for another project management tool.

That this thread has existed since 2020 and has not been resolved is very worrying.


I have to also admit that it is very worrying that this feature is still not in place yet!

Please implement!