Keyboard shortcut to select task

After changing a task due date (either using the mouse to click or via the keyboard shortcut), I seem to no longer have the task “selected” in the sense that using the up/down arrows to change task doesn’t work. I need to select the task on the main pane again before I can navigate around.

Is there a keyboard short cut to shift the “focus” to the main pane or to select a task without having to click?



Hi @Alexander_Singer! Are you referring to the “Jump to task list” shortcut?
Keyboard shortcuts in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. I seem to have the same issue than you so I think we might be looking at a bug. I’ll escalate this to our Development Team and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get an update!


Hi @Marie,

It appears this is still an issue (as of 3/19/18). I am having the same problem as @Alexander_Singer with the “Jump to Task List” Keyboard short cut (Tab+Enter) not working.

I tried using the shortcut from pretty much every field within Asana to see if it was just a particular section within the Task Details (Right Pane) that wasn’t working.

This is THE shortcut I need the most, and the only one that seems to not be working.

Related to this it would be really nice if there was an option to jump to the next task in the list - especially when in “My Tasks” after you hit after updating a due date/tags/projects or comments using keyboard shortcuts… right now if you change the due date the task is still selected even if the due-date is much farther down the list … making the keyboard shortcuts much less useful when you have to use the mouse to navigate back up to the top of the list to get back to the next task.



Thanks for writing back @Jennifer_Beahan and apologies for the late follow-up. I just double checked this bug and unfortunately, I just found out that we’re not supporting this shortcut anymore. I’m really sorry about that, and I will make sure to escalate your feedback to our team so we can re-considerate this decision in the future. Again, so sorry for the inconvenience!