Keyboard shortcut to select (again)


I recognize this issue was closed by saying the relevant shortcut is not supported ([Keyboard shortcut to select task]_, but this issue is so pervasive, I can’t believe I’m not missing something really obvious: this must be my own personal blind spot, so could someone please help me out?

I have the middle-pane and a task open and can work on the task using all the known keyboard shortcuts. Great. I’m finished and now want to scroll up and down the task list in the middle-pane to deal with some other task. How do I get back there without using the mouse? Even if I close the “selected” task so I only have the middle-pane open (left pane is routinely closed in), I can’t “jump to” another task. Up/Down do nothing, since no task is selected to begin with.

It’s not obvious to me that the now-unsupported “jump to task” was what I needed in any case, but somehow people must be doing something to get from one task to the next without a mouse click every time – it just seems so very very fundamental. I need to get the “focus” back on the middle pane so up/down will work.

[I suppose I could search for the task even though it is right in front of me… Is that really what power users are doing?]

Auto-focus on My Task list after using Tab+Z

I’d be interested in this too. In the meantime I use Shift-Tab which can help sometimes to get you back from the detail pane to the tasks pane, but it may cycle you through earlier positions in the detail pane on the way back!



I, like you, have been baffled by the absence of a keyboard shortcut for this essential step in using Asana with the keyboard. Having to reach for the mouse every couple of seconds defies the purpose of having keyboard shortcuts at all.

I have found a workaround using multiple shortcut keys. Clumsy, but it does the job. Will see if it’s smooth to use in practice once I’ve got these in finger memory Mortal Kombat-style.

  1. Tab-/ (enter search box)
  2. Tab, Tab (end up on Add Task)
  3. Enter (adds a new task on top and YAY FOCUS)
  4. Backspace (you’re now left with focus on the first task and can use the other keyboard shortcuts like going up and down the list)

So Asana, please make us do this with a single shortcut key.

Aside from that, I would like to end up in this situation by default whenever I open a list (I imagine this is not for everyone so might be implemented as a user preference).


Update: this workaround is of limited use, because one can only navigate through the New Tasks using the cursor keys. Go beyond, and the list still shows the last New Task as selected, while the righth pane shows details of tasks further down. Sigh. My conclusion is this view, and because it is such a central one as a consequence Asana desktop as a whole, is simply not optimised for use with the keyboard.


Just want to add my vote for Asana to fix this usability bug. The Asana keyboard shortcuts are solid but without this essential shortcut you have to use the mouse a lot.

The shortcuts are still useful when you have to use the mouse a lot, but they would be SO MUCH MORE useful if I could stop using they keyboard and deselecting tasks when you started editing the fields of a task kills the keyboard-less workflow


Thx for this keyboard hack. For me, there’s now a Third Tab required in step 2., but the problem you describe of the list keeping focus on the last New Task I’m not seeing currently.

Anyone know if there’s a Product Feedback version of this post that we could Vote on?


I agree, this is also one important shortcut I am missing.

The workaround I use is:

  • Tab R (to select Description)
  • Shift-Tab (2x)

This should bring you back to your list in the main pane.

In case you have one (or several) Custom Fields, you will need to add one (or serveral) more Shift-Tab, respectively.

I hope this helps!



Great work-around. Thanks!