Auto-focus on My Task list after using Tab+Z

I’m new to Asana (big fan so far), but the Tab+Z and Tab+I keyboard shortcuts have already become indispensable. However, when I Tab+Z, I have no way to access my task list through the keyboard (requires a click on a task first). The keyboard/mouse jumping is a super frustrating UX. My feature request is: after using the Tab+Z keyboard shortcut to open My Tasks, automatically put focus on the task list, so a user can up/down arrow through them, without leaving the keyboard.

Agreed. I would take this one step further and say it is an issue that you can’t shift focus from a Task to the Task list using your keyboard as is discussed here.


Yes - this is a great expansion on the problem (hadn’t seen it). I’m hoping there is an update on this issue/request. There’s no way the product team wouldn’t be aware of the usability impact this causes, especially with all the other, really useful shortcuts they’ve rolled out.

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I’d also love J/K keys to work in My Tasks just like it does in Inbox.

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Yea, auto-focus + J/K would be extremely useful.