Issue with shortcut behaviour in the new task list

If the task pane is not open on the right…

When I add a new task, I cannot select either TAB-A (assign) or TAB-D (due date) and just start typing, as you were able to do before. You have to click your mouse to put focus into the relevant field.

This takes more time.

Interestingly, TAB-M (assign to myself) does work.

Hi @RSDA and thanks for reaching out!

Tab+A and Tab+B seem to be working in my end. Would you mind following the following steps and let me know what result you’re getting?

  1. Are you able to reproduce with another browser?
  2. Are you able to reproduce with an incognito window?

Looking forward to your reply!


Those keyboard shortcuts work in the sense that they activate the field, but you cannot then just start typing as you could with the old system. You have to either hit on your keyboard or click in the field with your mouse.

Previously when you created a task, you could hit TAB-A or TAB-D and then just start typing. You didn’t have to hit or click in the cell.

Again, here is the sequence:

  1. You’re in a project
  2. The task pane on the right is not open
  3. You click the “add task” button
  4. You enter the task name
  5. Now from here, try clicking TAB-A or TAB-D. You’ll see that it activates the field, but you cannot just start typing. You have to click or hit on your keyboard.

Got you @RSDA, thanks for the additional info! Sounds like this is a Bug, so I’ve filed a task for our team to investigate and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update!


I’m having the same frustratioin

HI folks,

Our team has confirmed this is on their radar, however it hasn’t yet been prioritised just yet - I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as we have a chance to get it fixed.

In the meantime, you can hit enter to focus the cell and enter your assignee or due date.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Additional note: even if you do hit in the date field, you still can’t type in “today” or “tomorrow”. You have to click to select a date.

So that’s two additional clicks over the original process.

Thank you for the additional information @RSDA!

I’ll make sure to pass it on to the Development Team!

This ability was before you upgraded to new list-grid view. Plese get it back to us!

  1. Create:

Task 1
Section 1
Task 2

  1. Assign task 1 and task 2 to yourself
  2. Select everything (both tasks and the section)
  3. Press tab + u

Actual result:
Tasks that are on you are not upcoming

Expected result:
Tasks that are on you are upcoming now

That’s for moving my message over to here. Would be good it’s fixed soon - it’s a QA’s mistake in this update

ive been having the same issue with keyboard shortcuts not working as they did before. Now having to use the mouse to enter dates, tags etc. Lots more steps required now to achieve the outcome of adding dates and tags.

i posted about it here in quite a bit of detail (but its a long thread!):

Maire said to check out this post.

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hi @Marie just wondering if there was any movement on this? I’m having to manually use the mouse all the time now.

I did notice one change today. When the right task detail page is CLOSED, you are now able to use the TAB-D keyboard shortcut and start typing a date, as you could before. There is one extra step in that you must press RETURN before you start typing, but at least you don’t have to use your mouse to select a date from the calendar.

Same thing now with the TAB-A shortcut. Hit TAB-A, click RETURN, and you can now start typing.

It’s getting worse and worse :man_facepalming:
Neverending pleasure

What’s curious, for frontend developer it’s just 15 minutes to fix the issue, while this bugreport is 2 months old

yes and as soon as you enter the date, the task panel disappears and the task gets sorted by date with all other tasks , so then you have to go and find it again to add other details!

adding tags to tasks in the task list still requires the mouse too.

its a shame that asana is prioritising new additions and not core everyday functions that make task handling quick and efficient. many actions in asana that used to require one or two steps now require 5+. it just adds friction unfortunately.