Focus / select task via keyboard

That’s correct, @Jeremy_Pope! We do post updates like this here in the Forum to let our users know when a new feature or a feature update is released. You can also keep an eye on our release notes to keep up to date on our latest product updates: Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

+1000. Not being able to focus the task list using the keyboard is a really big blocker in making it the workflow keyboard-only accessible.

I feel so efficient using all the keyboard shortcuts to sort, date, close, comment … but then I have take my hands off the keyboard to use the mouse in order to continue to process and it’s … meh … undelightful.


Brilliant! I definitely want this. Does it still work with the 2020 asana updates?

Thank you for approaching!
I just fixed the plugin to work with Asana’s new spreadsheet view. :slight_smile:

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I need it too! Are we waiting two years for a shortcut??

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Hi @Matthijs_Collard @Jeremy_Pope,

I eventually published the extension to Chrome Web Store!

Enjoy productivity. :slight_smile:


Thats great! Thanks

It’s a shame this isn’t supported by Asana. It means that keyboard shortcuts aren’t too useful; because you have to keep moving to the mouse, anyway. The tab workaround doesn’t work for me (I think probably due to having more fields).

Tab-RET (to open details) works (press Tab-RET to close again)… But this stops working as soon as you actually change a field, which is kinda crazy.

I’ve got the same issue when using Tab-x (to open full-screen view for a task)…

@usp Hey, +1 for the asana chrome extension, i just installed in and it’s working great! Major kudos for this!

Just ctrl (or CMD) + G to focus the task then it will work. You don’t need any mouse to focus the task.

CMD + G > Type the string of the task you want to focus > Press ESC > Enter

There is a shortcut, “Tab + Return” that works for me without any plugins

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My Forum Leader Tip here addresses this need:



Larry -

For more context, here’s the thread that speaks to the issue I was referring to (and just sent you a reply message about). Possible to have a community vote or something on this addition to Asana’s keyboard shortcuts?

  • Henry

Hey Team -

While sorting tasks into different sections, a handy shortcut would be the ability to jump from the Task Details pane back to the overall My Tasks pane. A Chrome extension (link: Asana Extra Key Mappings - Chrome Web Store) using Tab+e was created for this, but no longer seems to work. Anyway, perhaps doable? A small addition that would make navigating Asana quite a bit more fluid.

Thanks, and looking forward to getting your take!

Welcome, @Henry_Webster-Mello1,

Doesn’t Esc work?

For more info, including a little more that might help with the above, see also my tips at:



Hey Larry -

Wow, I’m sorry I missed your reply! Figured that I’d get an email from Asana upon a reply being posted, but I didn’t see anything (likely user error on my end). So you’re right, ‘Esc’ does work if you go into a task’s description pane and then – without having moved the task to a new section – want to return to the full ‘My Tasks’ lists. That alone is helpful, thank you. I had not realized that. However, the vast majority of the time when I’m organizing tasks in the My Tasks view, I am moving them to different sections within My Tasks (e.g. “do now,” “do later,” etc.) What I have noticed is that upon assigning a task to a new section and then attempting to use ‘Esc’ to return the full My Tasks lists, items are no longer able to be highlighted in blue/purple (only grey) and cannot be interacted with via the Tab + enter shortcut. Does that make sense? Any thoughts on that? Thank you!

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Have you tried Tab+2, Tab+3, etc. to move tasks to different sections (the second, the third, etc.) in My Tasks. I think that allows the proposed solution to work even if you put tasks in different sections.

Re your comment in another thread, you can vote at the top of that thread with the purple Vote button at

Do you think it’s appropriate for me to merge this thread into that one now?



Hey Larry -

I tend to use Tab+U to move items between sections. Was not aware of the Tab+1, etc. approach and will try that out as well. Anyway, my issue with going from a task’s description back to the My Tasks lists seems to have been resolved with use of ‘Esc’ to do so. Thank you for your help. And yes, I think merging the threads makes sense.

  • Henry
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Larry - please ignore my previous comments, I was working off of incomplete information. So here’s the issue that I think is confronting me and those who’ve posted over the years in this thread: when operating in the My Tasks view, and upon moving a task to a different section (say you’re sorting tasks into sections for the week (e.g., Now, Next, Later)) via keyboard shortcuts, the light purple highlight indicating that the item that is currently selected **remains on the task that was just moved to a new section, thus disappearing from view, as opposed to switching to the subsequent task in the section you are currently working out of. Therefore, when hitting Esc or otherwise trying to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate from the Task Detail pane back to the general My Tasks pane, the purple highlight “disappears” (resulting in people needing to use their mouse to click on the next task they want to interact with), when in fact it simply moved to the next task in the section the previous task got move to , which is typically hidden from view. The solution, therefore, would be to have the Asana task selector (i.e. light purple highlight) stay in the current My Tasks section that one is working in rather than staying on a task that was just moved. Am I missing a key benefit to the task selector staying on the moved task/reason this wouldn’t work?