Reordering Sections in My Tasks (Lists)

Hello! I am wondering how I can re-order/re-organize my Sections in My Tasks (List view)? Dragging them is not working for me.

Thanks for help!

Hmm :thinking: if I’m not mistaken, Sections are only shown in the order in which they are listed. What isn’t working for you with the drag-n-drop functionality?

Thanks for your reply. There is a ‘section’ that I want to have/drag to the bottom of My Tasks but it won’t stay there :frowning:

Interesting. Does it change position almost immediately? Would you be able to capture this behavior in a screen recording? I can’t say I’ve seen this happen before.

I am trying to drag the section I titled ‘???’ to the bottom (these are clients that I need to follow up).

Can you provide a screenshot of the bigger picture? I don’t understand what I am seeing at the moment :confused:

Thanks for reaching out, @Aura_Custom_Cabinet! Can you confirm if this is what you are trying to achieve? If so, please try sorting your My Tasks by “None”. From your screenshot, it looks like you are creating sections in your project but not in My tasks. (19)