On mobile, can't move tasks between sections, and can't reorder sections, when section sorting is on.

Using the Android app. On My Tasks view. There is the option to sort each section by due date. Turning this on does what I expect and sorts the tasks within each section by the due dates for those tasks. However, once that feature is turned on, I can no longer reorder the sections nor move tasks from one section to another. This seems like a bug to me.

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Bump, this seems like a bug in the app.

… Hello?

I think it’s a limitation of the list view when it’s sorted by date. It seems dragging is disabled in order to prevent items from being manually sorted in an otherwise date-sorted list. However, that brings with it the side effect of not being able to drag tasks at all, and into other sections.

I would recommend resetting the sorting to “none” (or “custom”?) so you’re able to drag items again.

I get there’s a workaround to constantly switch back and forth between sorted and unsorted.

Super disappointed to not even receive an acknowledgment on reporting bugs — and event that really basic bugs like this exist in a product that has been around for 10+ years…