Android - Mark Task For - My Tasks

Hi maybe I’m missing something but the rollout of deprecating “Today, Upcoming, Later” appears to have missed the “Mark Task For” drop-down option in Android when you are viewing a task - it still shows “Today, Upcoming, Later” which no longer do anything. That means you have to drag and drop to organize My Tasks which is challenging in the mobile app.

Any suggestions/workarounds appreciated!

Hi @Tom_Simon, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve tested this on our side and can confirm that selecting “Mark Task for: Today, Upcoming or Later” will still move the task to the selected section as expected on Android!

You are correct in saying that the auto-promotion of tasks is currently being redesigned however, with the new My Tasks, you will be able to create rules to replicate the magic of the auto-promotion for Today/Upcoming/Later sections :tada:

I hope this helps!

Hi Rebecca - maybe I’m confused but I no longer have those “Today Upcoming Later” categories in My Tasks. I have the flexible sections as outlined in the new My Tasks link you sent, perhaps because I am a new user. That is my issue. The drop-down in the app still refers to the old categories but I do not have them anymore because of the rollout of the new My Tasks, so the drop-down doesn’t do anything.