Ability to collapse newly created sections in My Tasks

Unlike in projects - the list view on My Task page does not support collapsible lists (except the premade ones, Recently assigned etc.)

It would be great if we could have the option to add a collapsible section.

Hi @Mark_Bozinovski and welcome to the forum!

Asana has let us know that this capability is coming early next year. Basically, you’ll be able to create and organize sections in My Tasks like you can in a regular project (including collapsing them).


Has there been any progress as to when this will be exactly? Also will the ‘save layout as default’ option be available as well on the ‘My Tasks’ screen?

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Hi @Jason_Lyon and welcome to the forum!

Yes! Please see the “And when will I get it” section of this post:

It’s actually not necessary, it seems; in my testing the new My Tasks remembers your last layout and displays that view when you return.

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