Upcoming changes coming to My Tasks in Asana and the API! [breaking changes]

Thanks for that clarification, @Yacob! But what about auto-promotion? Currently auto-promotion is somewhat tied into assignee_status; how will we interact with auto-promotion programmatically in the new model?

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Fantastic, @Yacob! Thanks for clarifying and for the incredible juggling act you’re contending with given all these changes. I really like that decision to avoid interruption for the many existing users, and hope the brief new user experience is manageable. We’ll all be here to help those new users adjust as needed!


I think many users are very concerned about losing the ability to set something to “Later” (or whatever it’s called) and have it auto-promote based on the due date so it’s not forgotten in the future. Another concern is losing the “Recently Assigned” or triage area.

I saw you posted that Asana has “plans to preserve the ability to move tasks between sections automatically.” But I have fears based on recent changes that Asana will bundle this ability with Rules behind the Business Tier paywall.

@Yacob, can you please help me sleep at night and clarify if all users will have the ability to set tasks to autopromote through sections/columns based on some kind date setting?


@Todd_Cavanaugh you can sleep safely at night knowing that users from all tiers will still be able to benefit from auto-promotion functionality.


:clap: yay! Thanks!

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Follow up

As an FYI, we plan to launch the new My Tasks experience (explained in the top level post above) to new users starting early next week (aiming to start on Monday 3/8).

Once we start rolling out to new users, your apps may break in the aforementioned ways for these users if you haven’t prepared for deprecation. The existing user migration is still weeks away and we will give another ping here when we are a week or so out.


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I think it’s a shame that sections/board columns weren’t simply a selected custom field. This would give flexibility in the my tasks list and board view. I had hoped myTasks would have some additional perspective functionality, rather than just mirroring standard project views.

Good day.
When the update in the section my tasks will appear for old users.

Hi @Максим_Больных, please find more information and the dates in our recent announcement: Meet your new My Tasks

Another timing update

As I mentioned above, we have launched this new My Tasks experience to new users as of 3/8. We’re finishing up work that will enable us to begin our global migration to bring all existing users onto My Tasks v2. We hope to begin this migration in 2-3 weeks. I’ll post here once we formally begin.


I’m still trying to test my Asana2Go with My Tasks v2 and understand I should create a new user to get v2. Is it rolled out to 100% of new users now so i can be sure I’ll get it if I create a new user for this purpose today?



Today, only a percentage of new users will get v2 currently. This is expected and we will be going to 100% in the next week or so.


Thanks for the reply. Actually, just a couple of hours ago a brand new client just added me (my main email address) as a Guest in their organization and that gave me the new v2 experience there (but left it as the v1 experience in my existing organizations).

So that means it’s not only being rolled out to new users; I’m an old user (!) and in an old (client’s) organization, but that combination resulted in the v2 for me; I wasn’t expecting that. But that’s fine since I wanted to see it anyway. Maybe by “new user” you meant a new Member/Guest, even if not new to Asana overall.

And I’m happy to see that Asana2Go works fine w/o changes (but I have to test more).


It makes sense that you would get a v2 version in that scenario, because when you get added to a new organization, Asana creates a new User Task List object for you in that workspace. Since new UTLs are now the v2 version, it makes sense that’s what you got.


Hi @Yacob and @Ross_Grambo,

A question I don’t think we covered previously: when a user’s My Tasks gets converted to the new My Tasks v2 format, does the migration create a new project with a new project gid, or does it retain their existing My Tasks project gid?

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Hey @Phil_Seeman,

I confirmed with the team. The gid shouldn’t change.


I’m back with another exciting update! Our migration to bring the new My Tasks to existing users is fully underway and we expect it to run over the next couple months until completion.


Months?! :scream: