Meet your new My Tasks

Not initially for this new version; we can hope for having it added as a capability later on. :crossed_fingers:


Hi @lpb,

I believe the mobile app will be updated simultaneously since all updates have already been made for our mobile to support the new My Tasks!


Way to go, Asana! Thanks, @Marie!


Can I ask, are rules for my tasks going to be locked behind the premium pay wall?

If so, is there any plans in place to mitigate what will be a significant loss of functionality for users who don’t have a paid plan?


Hi Sam!

Short answer: NO.

Longer answer: While free users won’t have access to the more full set of rules that paid users will, free users will be able to create rules to move tasks to a certain section when the due date is approaching by a user-specified time, thus providing the equivalent capability (actually more flexible) as the current auto-promotion feature.


I just received this update today as an old (!) user added to a new client’s existing organization.

Very nice job on the onboarding screens that let you know it’s changing, choose either List or Board as a default, and then setup the headings (four styles available, or make up your own).

(See also Upcoming changes coming to My Tasks in Asana and the API! [breaking changes] - #20 by lpb for a bit more info.)



Hi everyone,

Good to see an update of My Tasks. My colleague just joint Asana and has this new layout. We are using premium.

What I liked most about the “old” was the autopromotion of task from later → upcomming → today. Does anyone know if this stil is possible? (because it seems that it are sections)
I can’t find it by my colleaguedoubt and doubt that it works because you can change the text of the default sections.

Besides that I made, in the “old” version, sections under Today where I sorted my tasks. Is that still possible?

Hi @Valentijn_Kok,

We will be implementing Rules for My Tasks early April which will allow you to recreate the auto-promotion mechanism and more :slight_smile:

In the new My Tasks, you won’t be able to create sub-sections but you will be able to create as many sections as you like :slight_smile:

Hi @Marie ,

Thanks for the fast respons! Good to hear that the auto-promotion mechnism is will be implemented :grinning: :grinning: :partying_face: (I was a little worried that it was gone :stuck_out_tongue: )

Do I understand correctly that the new users (my collegue) are not yet able to use the “auto-promotion mechanism”? (and that this will be released early April as you told in the previous message)

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You’re very welcome @Valentijn_Kok :slight_smile:

Correct! However they should be able to sort task by due date within sections (the same way you can currently do in projects), so that should help ensure that tasks due today/upcoming automatically show up at the top of their custom sections :slight_smile:

This is a good idea indeed for now :slight_smile: tasks for next week or next month it will get a long list, so looking forward to the auto-promotion mechnism :smiley:

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Will I be able to manage my employees tasks yet on mobile app?

That change totally broke my companies work flow. Why would they only allow this is on desktop but not mobile app?


Hi Marie! So excited to see the new My Tasks finally rolling out, we’ve been looking forward to this one for years. Question though, with this new customizable “Sections” organization, can Sections finally be “closed” or “completed” or something?

In projects Sections just sit around forever after their tasks are finished, can’t be filtered out or removed without dragging all the tasks out. I’d imagine for many people making their own customized Sections in My Tasks to organize their work they’d need to be able to hide or complete those blocks of work – like imagine a photographer making a section called “Marketing Help” where you drag in tasks from various marketing projects you’ve been temp assigned to help on. Once you’re done, you aren’t really working on marketing stuff anymore. Can that custom section be hid or removed without deleting the tasks completed?



Hi @Tanner_Wilson,

Sections in the new My Tasks will work like project sections, so you won’t have any additional functionality like you’re describing.

If you haven’t yet, I’d encourage you to vote for this type of enhancement here:

and maybe this one as well:

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@Marie Is that true? Sections like the scenario I described above are just going to stay floating in My Tasks?

Good day. I would like to better understand when this update will be available to paid users. We are looking forward to it.

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Hi @Максим_Больных,

Please find below the latest rollout update for paid users. Stay tuned for more updates!

Hi @Tanner_Wilson,

@Phil_Seeman is correct here, we haven’t planned to introduce an option to archive or mark section complete as part of this update - however you will be able to keep these sections collapsed by default.

I’m really struggling to figure out how to do part of this. Is there going to be a way to do some sort of "if task due date is updated and more than x days away, move to “upcoming/later” section?

It would be cool if you could have simply changing a due date back, trigger it to move to a different section. (There’s the “due date change” trigger, but you’re not always moving a due date back, sometimes you’re moving it forward. I would just want it to trigger if the due date is more than say 3 days from now.

I understand that keyboard shortcuts will be coming at some point in time, but I don’t totally understand what the keyboard shortcuts would even be, unless you can set a custom keyboard shortcut to “move to section”, so you could do like “tab + l” to move it to the “later” section.

Any ideas that people have for managing moving tasks back if the due date gets pushed without having to change the date + section each and every time?