Any improvements happening to "My Tasks"?

I have started to use asana for more project based stuff, and while that works well, there is a big missing hole IMO with the My Tasks feature. Specifically with tasks and “to do” items that might not be in a project but just items I need to do, and even items that are reoccurring.

I do not want to have to create a whole project just for misc tasks that come up, but the “My Tasks” area has felt like a ghost town. So many “to do” apps work well for tasks but not as much for projects. asana does projects very well, but is lacking in the simple “to do” type items. Right now it is quicker for me to add items to a separate app that allows me to setup a location, time, and other categories/flags to keep track of misc type tasks. Personally I would love to just have this in one app, asana.

Curious if there are any plans in the works to beef up, improve, overhaul, the My Tasks area. Because right now it is just a massive list of everything in every project and I just do not want to open it at all :frowning:

Short answer: Yes.

Nothing has been formally announced to users in terms of the overall changes happening soon but an initial announcement has been made to developers so we can know what changes we’ll need to make in our integrations:


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @Will! If you wish to see a specific feature implemented in My tasks, I also suggest you to create a thread in our #productfeedback category so other users can upvote and support your request.