Rules also for "My Tasks"

Having the new rules functionality applied also to “My Tasks” would be a great thing. For example, this could be useful for task that are generated via emails, that could automatically sorted in the right projects or setting deadlines, etc.

Wonderful idea @Philip_McCreight, I’m sure this will be a popular request among our Community :slight_smile:


Allowing Rules to be added in the “My Task” section would allow us to automate new requests. Such as move all assigned tasks to a project, or move task which has a due date in the future to be moved to “Later”. It would definitely take the Rules functionality to the next level.

Hi @Erik_Brandt, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

This is a great request and you are right, Rules are currently not available for the My Tasks section. If you are interested, you can upvote for this thread: Today, Upcoming, and Later should include items with due dates .

Hi @Erik_Brandt,

FYI, having rules in the My Tasks section is now available as a part of Flowsana’s rules capability.

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Desperately want this feature!

Hi all :wave:t2:

Rules for My Tasks are currently being rolled out as part of our new My Tasks update! :tada:

If you don’t have Rules in My Tasks just yet, expect to see them very soon! :slight_smile:

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