My Tasks - New Sections don't seem to be working?

I’m trying to customize my “My Tasks” Section but every time I add a new Section, it’s added under another section as a task but just has a header font (larger bold font). It function as a task in which I can assign it to a project, add details, set due dates, mark as complete, etc. It’s not an actual section header that I can add tasks to and expand/collapse.

I’m trying to add a “Blocked” section but I can only add a section under “Today,” “Upcoming,” or “Later” and it only functions as a task with a large header. I can’t put other tasks into it because it’s not a true section, and it doesn’t expand or collapse.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe nothing…I see the exact same behavior. As you say, creating a “New Section” results in creation of an entity with the bold title “New Section”, but otherwise with all the attributes of a task. In fact, to delete that “New ‘Section’”, one selects “Delete TASK”.

My solution would be…don’t attempt to create additional sections in My Tasks. It’s not an effective place to work, even before you discovered this bizarre behavior.

I recommend setting up a personal project (e.g. “RM Tasks”), and adding all your tasks to it. (To simplify that routine activity, create and name and save a report entitled “Add to RM”, which you just click every now and then, and bulk select tasks and home them to “RM Tasks”.) This project can have numerous custom fields, and has normal sorting and sectioning behavior of Asana. So, basically, sidestep “My Tasks” as it is inadequate.

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Well glad to know I’m not crazy. I was watching videos and tutorials and wondering why my “My Tasks” section wasn’t acting the same way.

Unfortunately, your work around won’t work well for me as I’d have to add all tasks from all projects to it since I’m the PM and sometimes tasks get flipped to me when being handed off to a client. It would be way too hard to manage that way. Guess I’ll just go back to sorting by due date instead of a more organized fashion.

Hi @Rebekah_Markowitz,

FYI, My Tasks is getting an overhaul in the next month or two, so be on the lookout for that - it will work much more like a regular project at that point, including the ability to create true new sections like you can in a regular project.

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Hi @Rebekah_Markowitz, thanks for reaching out! Adding to what @Phil_Seeman mentioned, for more information about this launch, you can check our announcement here: Meet your new My Tasks!

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