shutcut tab+u tab+L tab+Y is not working

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shutcut tab+u tab+L tab+Y is not working
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Chrome 90

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I have a similar issue. The shortcuts aren´t working, because these sections do not really exist since yesterday. They are visible but tasks within “upcoming” don´t pop up in “today” although they are due today.

Was there a kind of update, is it a bug or are we doing something wrong? Changing the sort options did not work.


Hi @allen9cs and @Andre_Pollklesener,

This is not a bug - Asana recently made some significant changes to the My Tasks view - here are the details:

With this change, keyboard shortcuts have temporarily gone away. You can vote to have them returned here (but you probably don’t really need to vote as Asana has indicated they are working on getting keyboard shortcuts available again, hopefully soon):


Thanks, @Phil_Seeman. Not happy with it though :slight_smile:

Oh no! I use these keyboard shortcuts every day and was wondering why they stopped working. PLEASE add them back in Asana!