Later/Upcoming/Today For Repeating Tasks is Completely Broken

Hi guys,

I guess the new “My Tasks” was just rolled out to my account, and accoring to Asana support, I need to now create rules to mimick the old behaviour.

However, it’s not possible… the rules just don’t exist.

I was able to create rules to move items to Upcoming and Today OK, but getting an effective rule for Later just isn’t possible.

  1. The rules appear to be exact matches on days/weeks/etc. It’s not possible to have a “more than” rule. This causes issue between creating rules for 30 vs. 31 day months. Actually, I must make 4 rules: 1 each for 28, 29, 30, and 31 days.

  2. The rule does not appear in Later until the next day. This pollutes my “Recently Assigned” section. When I complete an task, why would I want the new one to appear there? It should immediately be assigned to Later.

  3. I have repeating items that are quarterly and yearly. So now I must create individual rules to try to capture the right number of days for those.

  4. The old behaviour only applied to items I intentionally assigned into Later/Upcoming/Today. But the new rules will apply to all tasks. So if I assign a due date to a task, it may get moved when I don’t want it to be.

The old behaviour worked beautifully. I can understand the desire to “generalize” things to make things more flexible. However, the change should not have happened until such time as the old behaviour could be exactly matched for those that relied on it. Or have an option to retain the old behaviour. Personally, I don’t have a practical use for Rules. So I’m just using it now to restore old behaviour that’s been lost.

If you truly want the new Rules feature to replace the old behaviour, then perhaps default rules to mimick the old behaviour should have rolled out side-by-side with the new “My Tasks”.

I beg you, roll it back until such time as the old behaviour can be properly mimicked with Rules.

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