Add index numbers to My Tasks sections (for keyboard shortcuts)

My Tasks was updated to be more customizable. After one year, I have an idea to use it more easily.

When we want to move tasks to a different section in My Tasks, we can use keyboard shortcuts.
That was previously Tab+Y (TodaY), Tab+U (Upcoming), and Tab+L (Later).
Now we can use Tab+1 to Tab+9 shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcut to Move a task to a specific section - #10

When I want to move tasks to “Later”, I was always counting “1, 2, 3, 4” before pressing the keys. That feels unproductive despite the name “shortcuts” :thinking:
Recently I came up with the idea of adding index numbers to the section names, so now I immediately know which key to press!

This method would be helpful if you have many sections in My Tasks but not so many tasks visible (e.g. you collapse unused sections).

This topic was originally posted in Japanese: マイタスクのセクションに番号をつける(キーボードショートカット)


@ShunS, a smart approach and a very helpful trick too, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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