Keyboard Shortcut to Move a task to a specific section

The old My tasks had a functionality where you could press Tab+L to move a task or multiple tasks to the later section in a single keystroke. I’m aware of several workarounds:
Press Tab+U or Tab+ Y, then use arrow keys a certain number of times: this is not ideal if you have more than a couple sections in your My Tasks, and requires you remember in which situations you should use tab U, tab Y, and what order your my tasks sections are in, thus breaking the creativity of breaking up a day with my tasks sections.

Press CMD/CNTRL+ SHIFT + up/down : this is not ideal if you have more than a couple sections in your my tasks. It also does not work if sections are minimized.

A single tab+L shortcut to a designated section would restore the old, more efficient workflow. Another option would be customizable shortcuts to each section of your my tasks, like tab+1, tab+2, each assigned to a different section.

Again, I recognize and appreciate that the Asana devs have been working hard to try to bring new funcionality, but this is a core funcionality to the way our team uses asana. It’s been a ton of work to get buy in from the whole team and teach them to use the old workflow. Changing the date and moving a task out of the today section should be extremely simple and require no further mental work of sorting/ clicking/ mentally organizing beyond pushing this.

This is a separate feature request from the Reinstate Keyboard shortcuts feature request, which has been closed with a workaround that does not well meet my team’s needs for our way of using asana, which I think is a fairly common and efficient workflow.

Personally I would like being able to tie a keystroke like Tab+U to a section directly the most. Having it be the 1-10 I don’t like because I wouldn’t be able to move sections around without having to re-memorize the layout, but that would be an improvement. I have a 60% keyboard so I don’t have an arrow key directly built in. So if I just want to have one hand on the keyboard I can’t use this feature. It may seem small, but it means that every time I come back to the app I have to pull up my hand or drag it, something I didn’t have to think about twenty times a day before the change.

Thank you!


I agree that tab+U tied to one specific section would be great. A way to have the 1-10 keys as keyboard shortcuts could work if the users were able to customize the shortcut to that particular section regardless of its placement in the order of the user’s my tasks, but I don’t know if that would be simple to program and explain or not. Tab+U to one designated section is simple and would solve I think most of the major concerns with the new update.

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Do you have any idea what the timeline is for the updates to keyboard shortcuts?

Currently my My Tasks doesn’t work very well for the workaround keyboard shortcuts. I’m wondering if it’s worth investing time in rearranging my My Tasks for the time being, or if the new update will be out in time that that isn’t neccessary. I would prefer not to rearrange them, as I used to plan my day within My Tasks, and making the new keyboard shortcuts work would lose me some aspects of that functionality.

Thank you for your support!

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Hi @Kyle_Hansen, let me investigate more details about this feature and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information!

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Did they have any more information for you? I’d love to know what sort of timeline we’re looking at for this update. Simply tying tab+u to one specific section would go a long way towards regaining some of the lost functionality of the latest update

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Hi @Kyle_Hansen, sorry for the delay here! Our team confirmed they are planning to implement shortcuts to move tasks to specific sections in My Tasks but I’m afraid we don’t have a stimate date when this new shortcut will be launched. We are focusing on launching the new My tasks to all customers and once this is completed we will start working on fast follows. I’ll make sure to post an update here if we have any news.

I’m sorry but this is crazy. You’ve been rolling out the new My Tasks for two months now.
Why is that? Perhaps your support team is being overwhelmed with issues?

I wouldn’t try to make the problem bigger before starting with the solution.

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Emily I appreciate you sharing the priority of roll out before feature improvement. I understand that it may not be what everyone wants (as I’m sure you are made well aware on the daily) disregarding all of that, I appreciate the transparency in the timeline, however broad.
The fact that I know this is something that is acknowledge and there is a plan for when review is, helps me to understand that Asana has acknowledged where it seems this roll out fitting for the time to come.
Personally, I do wish this feature could come sooner, but thank you for the update!

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Hi all, I’m glad to announce we have just implemented keyboard shortcuts to move tasks between sections in your My Tasks. Tab+[1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9] now maps to the [1st 2nd… 9th] sections in your My Tasks.

  1. Tab+1 => Automatically move all selected tasks to the first section in your My Tasks.
  2. If you only have 3 sections and press Tab+4, the task won’t move to any section.
  3. If you have more than 9 sections, you would need to use the section mover.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


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