Using Templates In An Existing Project


I want to be able to insert templates into an existing project. Seems simple enough. Otherwise, the only other option is to manually duplicate each task, which is painful.



Have you thought of having a set of CSV files to import into the project? Here is the guide: In addition I created an Excel Spreadsheet with dynamic date changing to recognize holidays, weekends etc. Import With Dynamic Due Dates



Create a project based on a template and move the tasks all at once into the main project. This is another solution.

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I learned you can shift+click tasks to move them around in bulk. Time-saver! Thanks.

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CSV also sounds like a respectable alternative.

Tested it out. Exported a template which had the columns:
Task ID Created At Completed At Last Modified Name Assignee Assignee Email Start Date Due Date Tags Notes Projects Parent Task

Only problem it seems is I mapped the Parent Task field to “Subtask of” but received errors of “Unsupported value” for every value in that column.

As per the guide:

  • The subtask must appear after the row it is a subtask of. (This is automatically done as I have exported the template.)
  • A subtask cannot have the same name as the task it is a subtask of. (None have the same name)


@Josh11 I assume @Marie can point you to the right resource to help answer your question. In the meantime, how many tasks and sub tasks do you have typically in your reoccurring need.