Overview or library of all forms used in the organization

Hello everyone

recently the wish for an overview of all forms currently in use in our organization has come up.
It would be amazing if we had a “Forms” section in the sidebar for example. Maybe even with the ability to turn that section on or off for each individual user, though that wouldn’t really be necessary.


Good idea!
While waiting for such a feature to exist, here is an idea that @Bastien_Siebman gave me.
You can create a public project with the list of all the forms of your organization, with the title of each form and its objective, the link to access it, the team to which it belongs, …



Thanks for sharing this feedback @Nicolas_Fischer, for some reasons, I was convinced we had a thread on this topic, but after thoroughly searching the Forum, I can’t find any, so thanks for starting this thread! I’ve gone ahead and added the "keyword “library” to your title, hoping to make this post even more discoverable to other forum folks!

@Julien_RENAUD, thanks for sharing this tip, which I’m sure will be useful to a lot of folks until we come up with a built-in solution :slight_smile:


@Bastien_Siebman is this recommendation one that you think should be listed within 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds ???

Yes @Jerod_Hillard thanks