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Hey there, I’ve run into a slight issue. I’ve created templates for all of our internal processes, many of which include forms to gather information. Now realizing when you use the template in a new team, the form does not copy over. Any suggestions on how to not create a new form each time?

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Hey @Kellee_Kosiorek: Forms do not copy over when you make a new project from a template with a form. Bummer for us too.
BUT… If you can, try to make as many of your form questions custom fields and then it’s super easy to make the form by just adding the custom fields as the questions.
Got the super savvy tip from @Sam_Sorkin today :slight_smile:

Hi @Kellee_Kosiorek and welcome to the Forum!

There is an existing thread in the Forum regarding this topic. If you haven’t yet I would recommend you to upvote it: Duplicate Forms

In the meantime, @AshleyWright tip sounds like a great suggestion! Thank you for sharing it with us Ashley! :smiley:

I hope you have a great week! :wave:

It looks like this was brought up almost a year ago. Do we have any idea when this might actually happen? Some of our forms are extensive (and are one of the reasons we recently switched to Asana), so it will be very time consuming to recreate every time we need the form again.



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Hi @Kellee_Kosiorek! Unfortunately, I don’t have any update to share at the moment, but I will make sure to keep you posted in the referred Thread as soon as I do!

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The lack of templates is a terrible oversight IMHO and the fact it is not prioritised as a glaring omission is even worse. Standard operating procedures and the templates used to effect them are an essential and basic building block of business. Clearly a basic lack of understanding of how businesses work which someone needs to educate the system designers about. Perhaps they don’t have them themselves which would explain the apathy and confused interface generally.