Any updates on copy/paste forms into existing projects or templates?

I need to add the same form to all of my templates. Right now it seems like the only way to do this is to recreate the form on each template. Is this functionality on the product roadmap?
Thank you!

Hello @Terri_Haswell welcome to the Asan Community Forum :wave:

For new projects it is easy since forms in templates are available.
Forms also copy over when you duplicate projects.

Now for existing projects what you could do is still create a template project and from that create a new project that you use for form submissions. Any form submission is then automatically sent over to your existing project via a rule.

Would that work in your case?


I need to be able to Copy a form and paste it into an existing project, is there a way? I tried to create a template and Forms didn’t move over I also duplicated a project with like forms but i still had to edit or move all the info over. i need an easier way. We are a service company and have different forms per equipment so this would be helpful.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Chris_Melton!

If bulk moving tasks and the other workarounds do not work for you how about creating one project (which you duplicated from an existing one that has the form you need but only copying the form and nothing else).

Then set up a rule so every form submission/task is automatically added to the other project (your existing one).