Copy forms? Use more than one form?


how can I copy forms from one to another project? I tried to duplicate the project and use the project with the form as a template. Both didn’t work.

Another question: Can I use more than one form in a project?

My company uses ASANA Premium.


Hi @Bastian_Foerster :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

It is currently not possible to copy a form from one project to another. You would need manually do it for each project and as it it stands, it is only possible to have one Form per project.

There are two popular threads requesting these functionalities. In case you haven’t yet, I’m listing them below and I would encourage you to add your comment and vote.

Apologies that I can’t be of greater assistance here, but I hope this gives you some clarification on the topic. Have a great Wednesday!


I don’t understand why you would even introduce Forms if you can only have one and if they can’t be duplicated. I was excited about this feature, until I realized it was basically useless. It would have been far better had you waited to release this feature once it was fully realized. All this serves to do is disappoint your customers.

Hello @Natalia,

Is it already possible to have more than one form in a project?