Saving forms as templates or creating duplicate forms in other projects.

I have a fleet of over 100 cars to manage. We use a project per car as they require much maintenance.
When someone submits a form, I either have to move it to the correct project or create a form for every single car project. This is a lot of time spent on something that could be automated or made easier.
I notice people have been requesting this feature for a while now, do you have any updates on if or when it may come into action?


Then can you comment on their thread instead of creating a new one?


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This should help:

Then you can just create a project with your form template and duplicate that.

I tried to merge your post into the thread but it seems due to it being closed already it wasn‘t possible.

Now if you are also interested in having a form library have a look here: Overview or library of all forms used in the organization :slight_smile:

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I could not comment on their thread or I would have done so initially.