Duplicating forms within a project

I have a project that requires many similar forms with slight modifications for each specific to the client it is being sent to.

There are fields within the form that would include some confidential info in a multi-select field for each customer, so I can’t have just one form.

Is there a way to duplicate a form within a project? Since they are only minor modifications per form, it’s very time consuming to keep creating them over and over again.

You can’t duplicate a form but you can duplicate a project hosting a form :slight_smile:

Yah, not the solution I was looking for, as noted in my original post. The forms need to stay within the same project.

Fair enough, in this case this feature is not yet available.

I have the same issue. Three very similar (extremely long) forms in the same project. Very disappointing Asana does not have a clone option on forms.

Hi folks! Good news - it is now possible to duplicate Forms within a project, and questions within a Form. :tada: We have just begun rolling this feature out to users and expect all users to have access within the coming weeks.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! :slight_smile: