Duplicate Project endpoint does not copy the form

Hi @Ross_Grambo,

When one uses the “duplicate project” option in the Asana web application, there is an option to include the source project’s form in the copy operation.

But when one uses the “duplicate project” API endpoint to accomplish the same thing, there is no option to copy the form.

This is a significant omission for those of us who are using this endpoint as part of our integration solutions.

Please, please add the option to copy the form when duplicating a project via the API. :pray:

Hey @Phil_Seeman!

Sooo I had to do some investigating. And it looks like the team that added that functionality to the web app actually added it to the API as well. It was just never documented as we didn’t hear about it!

"include": [

I just made a task to add it. :slight_smile:


Oh, excellent! I’ll give it a try. Thanks, @Ross_Grambo, for digging up that info!

It worked!

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