Duplicate Questions in Forms

I was wondering if it’s possible to duplicate questions when creating a form, rather than having to type the same thing out multiple times?

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Hi @Kiri_McGuinness and welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately this is not available at the moment, but it sounds like a great opportunity for future updates, so I’ve gone ahead and move this thread to our #productfeedback category to allow you and other users to vote for this feature to be implemented!


Perfect, thanks Marie!

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I would love to replace using google forms with Asana Forms but having to retype out similar questions and format answers each time turns into a rather tedious process. This feature would be a game changer for sure!

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Upvoted. Seems like a simple thing to add that would make a big difference.

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Please add! Critical for consistency with questions in branching logic. I would like to allow users to “add another change” without needing to click submit a new form, wait for it to load and re-enter fields.

This would be AMAZING. I’m having to create a form with lots of repetitive questions for clients to fill in in regards to their project requests.

Hi all,

Has this duplicate function been enabled yet?

Many thanks,