Overview or library of all forms used in the organization

Hello everyone

recently the wish for an overview of all forms currently in use in our organization has come up.
It would be amazing if we had a “Forms” section in the sidebar for example. Maybe even with the ability to turn that section on or off for each individual user, though that wouldn’t really be necessary.



Good idea!
While waiting for such a feature to exist, here is an idea that @Bastien_Siebman gave me.
You can create a public project with the list of all the forms of your organization, with the title of each form and its objective, the link to access it, the team to which it belongs, …



Thanks for sharing this feedback @Nicolas_Fischer, for some reasons, I was convinced we had a thread on this topic, but after thoroughly searching the Forum, I can’t find any, so thanks for starting this thread! I’ve gone ahead and added the "keyword “library” to your title, hoping to make this post even more discoverable to other forum folks!

@Julien_RENAUD, thanks for sharing this tip, which I’m sure will be useful to a lot of folks until we come up with a built-in solution :slight_smile:


@Bastien_Siebman is this recommendation one that you think should be listed within 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds ???

Yes @LEGGO thanks

There needs to be a simple way to locate company forms. There should be a forms tab on the main dashboard pain that has all company FORMS within it for easy location to team members. Forms would only be visible to collaborators or public for everyone. Forms should be organized in this tab in some way to make them easily viewable.

Currently we use a Form for Sales Opportunities that were missed due to issues such as Pricing, Inventory, etc. and our team has to use a LINK for this form. This is very cumbersome for team members to locate when you start compiling multiple forms. The only current solution would be to create a PROJECT called FORMS and store them all in that. Seems like it could be easier though.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Adam_McWilliams! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Overview or library of all forms used in the organization - #3 by Marie to centralize feedback!

The question of “what are all of the active forms in our organization” came up for me as well. Might be a question for a different part of the forum, but is there any form data exposed in the API? It would be easy to use a service account to loop through all projects in a workspace and export a list of projects w/ links that had active forms, but I don’t see any api documentation about form data for projects. At the very least I could imagine having “form_created”: true/false and “form_active”: true/false. Even better could be a list of form settings, details, and questions, though I don’t have a use-case for that (yet).

Might be better structure to make it “form”:{ “status”:“enabled”, “settings”:{…}, “questions”:{…}, etc}, and to just be “form”: null if the form wasn’t created for that project, but that’s a detail.

Unless I am mistaken, forms aren’t available in the API yet. @Phil_Seeman do you confirm?

@Anthony_Tamalonis @Bastien_Siebman

That is correct.

I do have forms-support capabilities in Flowsana, but I’m doing it by cheating - I look for the footer signature that Asana adds at the bottom of all forms-created tasks, and also I parse form fields out of the text description.


Having a forms library that allows you to add an already created form to another project would be great. We use the same form for many projects that are for different clients and individual client matters so just one project with one form link is not a solution.


Having a dedicated tab for Forms that separates them by Team would be really useful. As you don’t know where the form is unless you look for a specific board/list - and people forget/always someone else about the form.

So having an area where you can drill down to the needed form when responding between teams would be really handy. This would also work when multi-forms per project come in too. We look forward to having Forms that suit different requests but can be attached to the same project.

This was a great query of your’s Adam, which I note is a year old.

Seems to me that the new Homepage (which I love) could be a good place to have a section listing all organisational forms.


Hi Marie! So can you please clarify if there is a way to search for a form (not even via advanced search at this time? Thank you! :grinning:


The easiest work around I’ve been using (thank you @Phil_Seeman!), is to run a search with the following string/sentence “This task was submitted through”. You can then identify the projects that have a form associated with it and review each form that way.


Hi, I created a form in a new project board, but I find that it’s a bit difficult to find for other users hidden in the Customize tab. Is there a process to making the form more visible, in a tab on the project board perhaps? Thank you!

i had the same thought, in the mean time you can paste link in a location that’s accessible like the Project Overview Tab

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Hello @Shannon_Thomas2 and @James_Daniels welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I recommend upvoting this existing feedback request thread: Overview or library of all forms used in the organization

As a workaround as James mentioned adding the links to the project overview works well or have a look at F15/W15 here

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