Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

Will there be support for multiple filters? This I’d say is a must! (as well as options to save favorite views)


Hi Marie,

How can I undo this new spreadsheet-inspired list view, I was 100% happy without this feature. It’s not for me, sorry.


Hi @Geert_Allard and @Claire,

As it stands there is no option to move back to the previous list view I’m afraid, but our team is actively looking into feedback to plan for future iterations, so please let us know in the #productfeedback category why this new update isn’'t working for you and your team, and what from the previous list view you’d like to see preserved!

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RE:Rollback, surely your development team have rollback plans in place. We’re a long-term (previously) lover of Asana, but this change is pretty shocking. I appreciate improvements and wanting to move forward, but this is a little backwards. See the next time such an update is deployed like this, I would suggest you provide your customers with an option to move back to the older (classic) style like most other technology providers do for a period.
Some issues we have:

  1. The new layout does not improve scanability. Previously, your list was focused to about 30% of the screen, so your whole eye could focus on your custom fields (4 in total). Previously, you could view task, assignee, date, tags, custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4.

  2. The task (right hand side) pop out overlay covers critical custom fields when you are trying to review your current task in the context of other tasks (like we do every day during our work load, sprint planning etc).

  3. No contrast between alternating rows. With such a width list, you cannot focus your custom fields to the task without using a stupid ruler on the screen. A UX fail here in our opinion.

As a quick fix to massively improve the experience, can you ask your team to add the option to change the width of “SpreadsheetRow-stickyCell” and “SpreadsheetRow-stickyCellPlaceholder” to 600px (or similar). Doing so, would reduce the width of the task field meaning it would allow us to view all key information in about 30% of the screen.

Thanks in advance,


Agree with @Tim_Jasper, would love ability to group by assignee or sections and then sort by due date, for example.

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In the new Spreadsheet version of List View - which was a massive and pleasant surprise - is there a way to select multiple Sections and their Tasks simultaneously? I believe it used to be possible to select multiple Sections and Tasks with CTRL + Shift; now I can only select Tasks within a single Section this way. Am I missing something? @Marie

Also, is there a description of this change somewhere? I would prefer to read about all the new features rather than discover them one by one. Thanks!


I’m a huge fan of this update! It makes working on a project much easier. Is this feature available for the My Tasks board? The spreadsheet format would help me better manage my individual tasks.


Not a fan of the new list view… Please give us an option to have the old style.
It’s not productive for our templates and now all of our projects have to be tweaked because of duplication of sections and tasks.


You can find more information about the changes in the Guide: List View Redesign • Asana

Also, you can still select multiple sections / tasks by holding down ‘Shift’ button.


Hi @Stephanie_Oberg,

The change we’re making to Sections are coming up with the Switch between Board and List new feature. You can learn more here: Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

And yes, you can learn all about the new List view in this handy article: List View Redesign • Asana

Hope this helps!

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Is there any way to add the option to Shirk Column width on the task Name Field?

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Column resizing is coming :+1:


Is there any way to set it back to the old view? I really don’t like this new one and it doesn’t work for me.


Not possible, you are stuck :sweat::sweat_smile:

@Bastien_Siebman Thank you!

Please :pray: offer an option to Opt Out of this view - aside from cutting off tags - it’s cumbersome. Our design team is very unhappy with this change - it is not helpful to our work flow. :sob:


I hate the new view SO MUCH. I opted to try the beta without realizing I’d be stuck. Is there any way I can turn it off?


@Britina_Lamas I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with the new view. Tags are still available and can easily be enabled within the “Field menu” (See screenshot below, you can also refer to this guide article)

We currently don’t offer an option to opt-out of new updates; the main reason behind this is that maintaining multiple version of Asana is technically very difficult and would most likely impact performances and slow our ability to develop Asana. We are aware this is a significant update, and we understand some users might find it difficult, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions in #tipsandtricks, we’ll be more than happy to help and advise you. We’re also closely monitoring feedback and I’m reporting on a daily basis to our product team, so I would highly recommend you to let us know in the #productfeedback category what doesn’t work for you and what you miss from the previous view. We’re already working on actioning feedback we’ve received over the last few weeks, and we’re planning more iterations, so your feedback is extremely important.

I hope this helps Britina, have a great day!


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