Improve tag display in the new List view

@Marie I see the tags option - they are just cut off.

This update is so disruptive.

Got you @Britina_Lamas! I’ve used your last post to create a new #productfeedback thread so other members can add their votes; on my end, I’m escalating your feedback to our support team and I’ll update this thread as soon as I’ve more info. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

I used to be able to see what tag was assigned to each task in the overview project view. I now have to click into each task to see the tags. How can I add this as a panel to view.

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Hi @Garreth_Amoore, and thanks for the report. This is currently expected, but definitely something we’ll look into for future iterations. We already have a #productfeedback on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end.

Hi Marie, thanks for the feedback. Is the package we are on maybe disabling the TAGS feature. Because my layout is looking slightly different

No @Garreth_Amoore, Tags are still available to everyone, but we’re progressively rolling out a new update, you can learn more about it in the following article: List View Redesign • Asana :slight_smile:

If you right clic on a column you can expand that column (it double the width). Then you can see more information in that column.

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It seems to me that when you hover over a tag in the new listview, it does not show the full text in an overlay, which would be useful when they are cut off.

Also, it seems that tags is not a sortable column? Any reasons why?