Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

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yes! Pleeeeeeease! Let me switch the feature off.



I need to show projects in all my asana projects. Can I change the default so that is always on?

Or is this another of your upgrades which I like less than the way it was before (ex section colons).


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As I’ve reported here, Fields option is missing from the new project toolbar - #2 by Natalia, this feature is no longer working correctly. @Natalia and @Marie, have you had a chance to talk about this? It really affects the usefulness of the new List View.

Oh, it looks from @Britina_Lamas’s other post in #productfeedback like the Fields menu is working for other users than us. Huh.

@Marie, I’m not seeing this feature yet… how do we access it?

@Marie, and while we’re at it, can you help me access the feature that enables you to switch between Board and List view as well? These are features my team has been asking for!

This is honestly an awful update. I really appreciated the clean layout that we had previously and if I had to add fields, it did so in a beautiful, and minimal way where I could see all my pertinent information on one screen. An overview of payments or tasks that needed to be done and when.

Also section headers were clearly defined before and now they are not, they almost look like just another task.

Please revert to the old one this new update is disrupting my workflow and really unhappy with the way it looks. As a designer and organized person, the number one thing i hate most is something looking like clutter. If I want clutter, I can use an excel sheet.


i feel the same way

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ya, these updates have made Asana super clunky and more time consuming


My paid account isn’t showing up yet on my account. The free version is showing. Any word on the update?

On an forum note, why does everyone comment every time a new feature is added, everyone hates it? It takes 21 days to learn a new feature and get use to it. There could be a reason why the UI is being adopted, for a bigger strategy plan. Just noticing this every time I come in this forum. I don’t mind change, in fact I’m a geek when it comes to new features, As long as it makes sense I’m good.

@Katriel_Friedman, I’ve replied to you on the relevant thread ( Fields option is missing from the new project toolbar )

@olson.dan The new view is currently available to 50% of our users, and we’re hoping to make it available to everyone over the next couple of days, so you should have access to it soon!

@Adrienne_McCue, we’re rolling out updates per domain (and not per user account);, this explains why you might have access to the new view in one space and not in the other. We’re hoping to roll out the new List view to all our customers over the next couple of days, so it should soon be available across all your spaces!


This is the first time I’ve actually written on this community and it’s simply because of how frustrated I am at this new update. One of the key reasons for us using Asana over one of the many other project management tools (trust me, I’ve tried almost all of them!!) was the simplicity of it’s interface.

Having previously used a tool that was primarily set up to look almost speadsheet like, and making an active choice to move away from this ‘old’ style of formatting, it’s so disappointing to see Asana now introducing this. I don’t see where the requirements have been to make this radical change?

The interface, with all the fields we need to be shown, now no longer fits on a screen without scrolling right. This is incredibly frustrating when screen sharing or presenting a meeting.

It now feels much more clunky to quickly update a field, which we use a lot, and to move things about in their categories, which we also use a lot. All of the fields are hard to see. I see that this update is supposed to make tasks easier to look at, but I would argue that it is now the exact opposite.

Sadly, to say i’m disappointed is a huge understatement. I can only hope that changes are made soon to rectify how messy this now is.


I recently updated to the “new” asana look/layout and would like to revert back to the old look.

Reasoning; I need to see the “tags” on all tasks at once.

Any help would be appreciated.




Figured it out in the custom fields tab!!! Thank you.

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Yet again, thanks for rolling out a major change to the product without any advance notice to the users. There are plenty of quirks about the new list view that have had a negative impact on our productivity, of which I’ve submitted feedback about. I think major changes like these should be more opt-in and not forcefully done with no way to go back until the problems are addressed.


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I 1000% support this and am just waiting for the day it will go back
utterly gutted.


Love the new view!

  1. When will it be available in My Tasks?
  2. Also it would be great to be able to expand/collapse subtasks in the left table view!

I absolutely hate this new view - can’t view useful information on tasks while viewing a task. Used to be able to see task tags/projects/due dates while still having a single task open. Now, you just get the list of tasks and have to close the task you’re working in to see all the nice tags/projects/due dates on the tasks.

Super frustrating.