Subtask counter includes Sections


The subtasks counter seems to count also subsections. Is that normal ? I am expecting to have 4 as count value in my below example.

Hi @Mickael1 and thanks for reaching out!

We’re working on rolling out a new Section model which will resolve this issue :slight_smile: Currently Sections still look and behave like task in our backend, which is why Sections are currently automatically included to the subtask count! Hope this helps!


Hi @Marie thanks for your reply. I will then be patient :slight_smile:

@Mickael1, just got confirmation from our PMs that this is currently an expected behaviour but that we have an update prioritised that will solve this issue. The roll out of new Sections I mentioned above is very complex and will run over the next couple of months, so just wanted to share that we should be able to get this fixed sooner :slight_smile: