Subtask count includes sections

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
The new UI that includes a count of subtasks counts sections as subtasks as well. I believe it should only count subtasks.

Steps to reproduce:
Add a section (tab+N) to a task’s subtask.

Browser version:
Chrome (Mac OSX)

Upload screenshots below:
You can see in the screenshot there are 7 subtasks and 3 sections, which is showing as 10 total subtasks.

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Hi @Ben_Brenner,

@lpb has reported this issue in the forum, but for some reason I’m not finding his post and the resulting discussion. Larry, do you know where that thread is?

I believe @Marie said it was going to be addressed, but not positive.

Hi @Phil_Seeman and @Ben_Brenner,

That other thread wasn’t me but it’s shown below, and that’s correct about @Marie saying it will be fixed:


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Thanks @Phil_Seeman and @lpb nothing appeared when I was writing the initial post / search results didn’t find any matches.

Will close this out.

@Marie can you merge this into Subtask counter includes Sections or close it out

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Just closed it out, thanks @Ben_Brenner!

Hi everybody!

I’m closing this Bug since this issue has already been resolved! Have a great Wednesday!

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