Create new section in Subtask via API


quick question as i don’t find the correct API endpoint to create a new section in the subtask list of a task. Via UI it is possible when i open the task and use “Tab+n”, but via API i only find in the docs the endpoint “/projects/{project_gid}/sections”, which doesn’t create a section in the subtask list.

Any ideas?


Hi @Tobias_Bar and welcome to the forum!

Yeah, this is kind of confusing, you’re understandably stumped.

What look like sections in subtasks aren’t actually sections in the technical sense. Sections are a wholly different type of object from tasks, and sections appear only at the top level of projects.

Those things that look like sections in subtasks are actually just a special type of task object called a separator, and you can create one by setting this boolean property on a subtask:

is_rendered_as_separator = true

(If you’re curious about why sections and separators look like they are the same but are totally different from a technical perspective, let me know and I’ll explain; OTOH if you don’t care and just want the darn section/separator in your subtasks, then follow the above guidance and you’re all set! :grinning:)

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Thanks Phil! I’ll give it a try. Best Tobi

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It’s working as expected, thanks again. I could’nt find it in the docs, because it is still confusing after this “section” update that in the UI if you “Tab+N” on a subtask-list it is still called “New Section” and not “New Seprator”. In the api it is now called seperator, why my research failed (“In some contexts tasks can be rendered as a visual separator”).

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Yes, in the UI they don’t make the distinction and don’t use the term “separator”. It adds to the confusion, but I think the reason might be that they’re anticipating the section/separator dichotomy to be temporary, and that down the road they will also switch over subtasks to use true sections.